Woon werk fietskledij

Welkom op onze woon-werk fietskledijpagina. Hiervoor werken we samen met Vaudé, de meest ecologische producent in Europa, die volledig op recyclagestoffen draait. In bulk te bestellen aan een fikse korting.

VAUDE Product Philosophy: Performance meets Ecology

We at Vaude are avid mountain sports enthusiasts – ski tourers, cyclists, hikers, climbers, alpinists. We are absolutely devoted to developing the most sustainable products for the activities that we’re passionate about.

Timeless – sustainable – repairable

For over 40 years VAUDE has stood for passion and enthusiasm for mountain sports. The mountain, representing the heart of our business activity, stands for the high demands we place on our products. Our aim is to make our impact on nature and the environment as small as possible. We design with a focus on minimal material consumption, try to avoid waste and design products that are timeless, durable and repairable. We use or develop the most sustainable materials available to us, optimizing processing even in the most inconspicuous places to makes products we can be proud of. Products that convey our enthusiasm and guarantee our end customers the perfect experience, whatever they ultimately do with them. And what happens at the end of a product’s life? We also think about this in the design phase: How can we make it suitable for further use? How to return it into the cycle?

Forward to Nature

The mountains are vulnerable. Melting glaciers, plastic waste, endangered species and ever more extreme weather events are making climate change and the limits of what our planet can take obvious. It is time to take responsibility.

Our product philosophy reflects the high quality we define at VAUDE. It shows us the opportunities that lie in consistently sustainable design.

Wij zetten ons in voor goede arbeidsomstandigheden en eerlijke lonen voor iedereen. We zijn lid van de Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) en verplichten ons er zo toe om de arbeidsomstandigheden in alle productiefaciliteiten continu te verbeteren. Deze worden regelmatig gecontroleerd. VAUDE heeft met de leader status de hoogste status als FWF-lid verkregen.


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